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New system to prevent stolen contributions


New system to prevent stolen contributions
Ive designed a new system to stop users who get points with stolen worksheets:
If you send a contribution today, it will start getting points tomorrow, but those points will be transferred to your account TWO DAYS AFTER PUBLICATION (three days after you send it).
This new system allows me to review stolen contributions BEFORE  the users can use the points.
I think it is just a little inconvenience for contributors, but a great benefit for all of us.
This new system will start tomorrow. I hope you like the idea.
Please continue reporting stolen worksheets and ppts. You are helping me a lot.

24 Sep 2008      


Im glad to hear that somebody found a system to stop thieves.  Im still wondering what these teachers tell their pupils or students every day at school. Isnt it one of our duties to help them become citizen of the world ?

24 Sep 2008     


Thats a nice, simple solution. I think its a good idea.

24 Sep 2008     


Great Victor!! Im very happy that you could find a system to prevent thieves use the undeservedly points.


24 Sep 2008     


Great! I think I could wait 4 my points a few more days !!! I really hope that with this measure "teachers" dont steal more WSs anymore....
Thank you Victor, Just for Care!!!

24 Sep 2008     


First of all many thanks to Victor; I think this new procedure will help to sort out the stolen ws as long as we all do our job by reporting such phoney users.
I guess we can all help out Victor finding stolen if we had a folder or a forum that we can report to once we come across suspicious ws. dont you think? So where exactly do I put such a note?

24 Sep 2008     


On another note, I want to ask you for feedback on an issue Im dealing with here:
I was about to share 3 files with flashcards for a memory game before I got second thoughts. The thing is that I have found a memory game online, you can buy it there. I liked the idea of the game and so I have downloaded clipart pix, created tables in a word document and thus have made my own flashcards. The idea is not mine though.
Now, am I allowed to share these flashcards with you guys or not? Shall I mention the publisher as a footnote?
Id really appreciate if you could let me know your opinion on this matter.

24 Sep 2008     


Good solution, Victor.

Lars, I think that as long as you modify the game and mention where the idea originated, you should have no problem.  That way teachers can compare and decide if they want to pay for the original or download a modified version.

24 Sep 2008     


Great Idea Victor! As you say it is just a little inconvenience that I think no one will complain about because it will stop thieves from getting benefits they did not earn.
Thanks for creating such a nice and useful website!!Clap

24 Sep 2008     


Awesome Victor.... Thank you!

24 Sep 2008     


Great idea.


24 Sep 2008     

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