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ESL forum > Ask for help > translation pleaseeeeeeee    

translation pleaseeeeeeee


translation pleaseeeeeeee
Hello my friends:
Please give a hand with this:
How do you say??
Vivimos la  democracia en nuestro pais
Please, which is the best phrase for that expression???
thank a lot and have a nice weekend

26 Mar 2011      


We have democracy in our country.

26 Mar 2011     

United States

We live in a democracy in our country.
It depends on how important the word "vivimos" is in the original sentence. Melahel7 īs translation sounds better in English (because it doesn īt have the word "in" twice).

26 Mar 2011     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi  Harelyta

I īm not sure if your word
Vivimos is a simple present or a simple past in your native language. It sounds to me as a simple present, so I would translate it as

" We are living democracy in our country "

Our ( latin ) Simple present is a kind of mix between Anglo saxonic simple present and present continuous.

If you LIVE in a democracy, that has turned out to be a routine.
If you are ARE LIVING that means it is a new thing you are enjoying now, not  a traditional,usual action.

Checking your flag, Peru, I am to bet that, unfortunately, most of Latin American countries don īt live in democracy, but, hopefully, they can be living in a democracy.

Please, be sure sure my words are not but a simple grammar exercise. I īm not poiting fingers, just giving a fair, flat  explanation of what I feel would be a better translation, without having any idea of the whole context.

Have a nice day


26 Mar 2011     


We live in democracy in our country...

26 Mar 2011     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi Mar

Please, don īt get me wrong.
I wanted to spot the difference between what is a country with democratic traditions from a country that has a few / some years of a democratic governement

I have already been to Mexico, lovely country, nature gave you tons of wonderful things to watch and enjoy.

Sorry, excuse me, I don īt want to hurt you, nor anyone of my dear friens in Mexico.

But, sometimes, we live.where we live. We get used to what is usual. We don īt have much time to think further.
We get to think that things are ok.

In my humble opinion, a democracy is a place and time , where we all have, as far as possible, the same opportunities and, AND, if we are less able, we would be given extra opportunities, so that we can go as far as the others go, so that we can feel happy and so that we cant be an extra weight for the others.

I have been in Mexico,  I travelled fromeastesn coast, Playa del carmen up to the Pacific Coast, I have been in Merida and went on driving to see the Pacific.

Your country has been sold to economicist interests - Mexican people can īt swim in their own waters. All the coast is closed by huge resorts, tourist can bath in in most wonderful waters, swim in those blessed seas - common, / poor Mexican will have to pay a stay in a resort if they want to watch the sea. I drove miles and miles on end, without but a wall of ressorts or jungle.

For me, that is not democracy.

Believe me, I am not telling I live in a democracy, no, I live in a country of corrupted politicians , but, I take to my own care, everyday, to remember myself, I am not living in a country that takes care of its own citizens.

So, I can say,

here, in Portugal, we live in a democracy.

It has been settled in 1974,

but, I know, this is not a democratic country, so I can say

We are not living in a democratic country.

Tears for my country


26 Mar 2011     


We live the democracy in our country.

26 Mar 2011     


Thanks a lot
that is the tittle of a new unit at school
that īs why we have to choose our new president in April. So we īre working on that to make our lesson plans. And of course here in peru we don īt have "DEMOCRACY"
But I think we are living democracy in our country .....is ok
regards from Peru

26 Mar 2011     


Thank  you Harelyta for your wonderful words in your PM, I appreciate it very much! I will always be here for you!
Dear Linda, I think you jumped to conclusions. I was not stating my country lives in a democracy, I was giving my suggestion for the translation that was requested.
If my country, or any other country lives or does not live in democracy is something I will not discuss in the forum, because I think that topic calls for individualized opinions, and I feel that this site is a space for teachers from ALL OVER THE WORLD to get together, to share and to FORGET about political issues, wars, discrimination, etc.
Here we can all be friends, regardless of our religion, the color of our skin, political issues, etc. Here, I feel so close to all the wonderful people I have met in this site, that I will forever be grateful to ESLP for giving me the opportunity to be part of this great site!
Hugs to all!!

27 Mar 2011