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ESL forum > Ask for help > My son has a problem!!!!1    

My son has a problem!!!!1

miesies muis

My son has a problem!!!!1
Dear friends.

My son īs teacher contacted me and said that they noticed that he is always switching his numbers around. I know about this problem from before school and we took him to see an Occupational Therapist, who did some exercises with him and it went much better. One of the teachers said that maybe he is dyslexic. We have another appointment with and Educational Psychologist in April who will do other tests.

Do you know about a web-site that can help me with exercises we can do at home. 

I would really appreciate your help.



26 Mar 2011      


Hi Elanie
Maybe you can get some ideas from this website.  It seems to have a wealth of info and ideas.

26 Mar 2011     


isn īt it called dysgraphia when you switch numbers around? It may be normal behavior, depending on his age. If he īs older than 9 and still switching his numbers around, ask your school to refer him for academic testing and whatever else they can offer.

26 Mar 2011     


dysgraphia is when you mix letters but when the problem is with numbers, it īs called dyscalculia. see this link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dyscalculia

26 Mar 2011     


einstein!!!! how old is your son? 

26 Mar 2011     


dysgraphia:problem with writing

dyscalculia: problem with numbers
dyslexia: problem with letters
we have so many "dys-..." in France that we too get mixed up sometimes!
don īt worry, your son will be fine as long as you don īt treat him different (as though he was ill or something you see?).
cheers Elanie

26 Mar 2011     


My older son is left-handed and, when he was 6, he used to write from right to left turning all the letters backwards. But when he started school, this problem faded away. How old is your son?

26 Mar 2011     


Guys, guys, didn īt you read the post?  Elanie did not ask for diagnoses and definitions.
She simply asked for web sites to help her help her son at home.
I īm sure she is quite capable of looking up those definitions herself and working with the school to determine the best outcome for her son.
In the meantime I īm sure she will welcome suggestions for useful web sites with exercises.

27 Mar 2011