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English Series

Saudi Arabia

English Series
Hi everyone,

I ´d like to have an idea about the series (books) each of you use to teach English in your schools.

Here in Saudi Arabia, we use two series. One is made by the Ministry of Education which will be replaced soon by the new series, Traveller. The new series, Traveller, is still under trial.

27 Mar 2011      


there are lots of series some of them are international series other series are national
it also depends on the stage you teach for ex. in Egypt you have bravo rainbow fpr primary
i teach move ahead and move ahead plus for prep. and secondary and you many other series

27 Mar 2011     


in Morocco:
"Smile for me" for primary school
and "English Zone" for middle school

28 Mar 2011     


In Italy there are lots of different books. In my school we are using "Smart English" by Oxford; I love Oxford books, I think they are the best.


28 Mar 2011     


In Greece things are quite complicated...In public schools, there is an "official" book that is published by the national school book organisation, but frankly it ´s completelly horrible. I havent met a kid that has ever enjoyed it. Or a teacher for that matter. There is a list with approved books that the teacher may choose to do instead, but the kids have to buy them, and not all parents can afford them.
In private language schools, or ´frontistiria ´ the school chooses to do whatever books they want.
Mind you, i was looking at the prices of some of the most popular book series and it is a disgrace how much more expensive they are in Greece. one of my private students bought the C senior level books recently (student ´s, companion, grammar and workbook) and it cost more than 100 euros

28 Mar 2011     

Saudi Arabia

That ´s interesting. It ´s good to know how different countries deal with teaching English.

29 Mar 2011