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ESL forum > Ask for help > program to record music from the internet    

program to record music from the internet

New Zealand

program to record music from the internet
Some time ago a member posted as an answer within someone īs post an awesome link to a program (free) that you can download and it adds a toolbar to your browser allowing you to save audio files to your computer from the internet.

I have just formatted my computer and cannot remember what it was called! I  need to it be able to record the listening practice exams for the Swedish national exam as where I have my lessons I don īt have the internet.

Basically it was a program that automatically saved as a file to your computer the audio that was being streamed online.

Anyone remember???? Or if you were the member that posted the site can you please report it?


ps I am not looking for Audacity... but the toolbar program that was mentioned.

2 Apr 2011      

Saudi Arabia

I use internet download manager

2 Apr 2011     


I download this software: save2pc
and it saves youtube.com files on my computer

2 Apr 2011     

United States

Question: Does save2pc convert to AVI?

2 Apr 2011     

New Zealand

Thanks for the suggestions... but this wasn īt it... it was a specific program for audio... not for utube etc... hopefully the person who suggested it will see my post! I have tried searching the forums but when people don īt put a good name for the title of their post and put things like "help" then the search function becomes next to useless. :-(

2 Apr 2011     

New Zealand

Found it!

For anyone that is interested! It is a great little tool. I have it installed as a toolbar but "hidden" to save space. When I want to use it I know it is there!

I am a happy camper now!

2 Apr 2011     


Thanks cheezels!
I did not know this tool, it looks really versatile - going to try it! Thumbs Up

2 Apr 2011     


I use VDownloader-easy and it converts to AVI and mp3 etc

2 Apr 2011     



2 Apr 2011