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ESL forum > Teaching material > fouth grade books.    

fouth grade books.


fouth grade books.
HEY ,I AM A TEACHER IN india and my students would enter their fourth grade.
I have already got a list of @ 70 books(other then the academics) which they need to read during their fourth std tenure.
We donot have good accessible libraries like the US & UK counties.So How do I provide them these books is a big question.please help with any suggestions or old used books if any.

3 Apr 2011      


Have you tried looking on e-bay or amazon? may be you have a partner school in the UK or you could find one here and ask them if they could donate used books to your ss or sell them for reasonable price.

3 Apr 2011     

alien boy

You could also check ABE Books online http://www.abebooks.com/

or checking with organisations like The Lions Club http://www.lionsclubs.org.au/

Sorry, these are the Australian based pages, but you can probably contact them & they īd give you some other ideas. There are many different organisations that lend support for education internationally. My younger brother even helped build a medical school in Tanzania a couple of years ago.... you could even ask for contributions from different religious organisations if you wanted to!

Best of luck getting your materials together

4 Apr 2011