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asking for ideas


asking for ideas
Please tell me if the below sentence is right or wrong.
People feel unpleasant when they have a bad cold.

15 Apr 2011      



15 Apr 2011     


Dear Ngthsang,

Your sentence is okay and right..........

People feel unpleasant when they have a bad cold.

But you can use other words like uncomfortable. or you can use these two words together.


(1)The symptoms can be uncomfortable and unpleasant if having a tube forced down your throat.

(2)The most unpleasant place is the emergency room. I had to see the doctor in the operating room and the feeling was very uncomfortable for me.

So you see you can replace uncomfortable with unpleasant or unpleasant with uncomfortable the choice is yours.


15 Apr 2011     


Although feel unpleasant may not be grammatically incorrect, it is a very rarely used combination; it wouldn t be a collocation used by many native speakers. I would definitely avoid it if I were you and use uncomfortable instead.
Proof here.

15 Apr 2011     


I wouldn t say People feel unpleasant when they have a cold. but you could say A cold gives you an unpleasant feeling.

It is the feeling of a cold that is unpleasant, not the person. I agree with MapleLeaf that uncomfortable would be a better choice. It s a very subtle difference & maybe I m splitting hairs, but I wouldn t say they were interchangeable in all cases.
I wouldn t say seeing the doctor was uncomfortable unless the doctor was an unpleasant person. However some of the medical procedures could be very unpleasant and uncomfortable indeed.
Adj. 1. unpleasant - disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings ; "an unpleasant personality"; "unpleasant repercussions"; "unpleasant odors"

15 Apr 2011     


I have searched Google and have found no combination like "feel unpleasant". I agree that such phrase would not be used by native speakers. 

15 Apr 2011     


For all those out there here you will find the same as....

Non-Disturbed Emotions: (uncomfortable, unpleasant, or painful)

  1. Annoyed or Irritated
  2. Disappointed
  3. Sad
  4. Concerned
  5. Regret

Disturbed Emotions: (uncomfortable, unpleasant, or painful)

  1. Anger, Bitter, Furious, Rage, Resentment
  2. Blue mood, Anguish, Depressed, Down-in-the-dumps
  3. Anxious, Worried
  4. Guilt, Humiliation, Mortified, Shame

    They have the same meaning in some cases depending on how you word them together.

    Proof here and here oxford dictionary.

15 Apr 2011     


Thank you very much for all your ideas.

15 Apr 2011