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Becoming a moderator


Becoming a moderator
Hi everyone,
apparently I īve just become a moderator, since I īve just reached 5000 points. What do I have to do now? I have no information about the procedures... Can any of the moderators explain it to me, please? Thanks

29 Apr 2011      


You should be able to see a link under the ESLcafé banner.  Click on it.

29 Apr 2011     


Hello, I īve got a question too...

I understand that you become a moderator when you īve reached 5000 points right? I haven īt reached that number and if I do I DO NOT want to be a moderator. Now the question....
Do you have to fulfill your duties once you became a moderator? If yes and you don īt do your duties, what will happen? You īll get banned or? If this is the case than please let me know about it before wasting my spare time. The only thing I want to do is sharing and that īs it. 
I ask this because no one is ever asked if they want to moderate, you just become one if you like/want it or not as it seems.

29 Apr 2011     


Hello, Errie. It īs up to you. If you want you can help to revize reported contributions, but it īs absolutely voluntary.

30 Apr 2011     

Anna P

As a user with more than 5000 points you can help us to remove copied contributions and non-ESL resources.
Can does not mean have to.It is up to you to decide if you want to help the site get rid of the innumerous copies and other non-esl materials or not. 

30 Apr 2011     


Thnx for the clear answers. This is one of the reasons that I like this place so much. There are always people around to help you out..Clap 
The reason I don īt want to be a moderator is simply that I don īt have the time for it. It can be very busy when you run your own school and have to do everything by yourself.
Thnx again and happy teaching!
By the way....things are slighty going better here in Fukushima. It īs amazing to see how the Japanese try to pick up their lives again. People who have lost everything are now helping to build up their town/village. One can only have deep respect for that...I know I have.

30 Apr 2011     

maryse peyé

Dear Errie,
thanks a lot for this marvellous piece of hope and news ! Yes, Japanese people are very very great people and I wish all of you there a better and normal life as soon as possible ! thanks for such a lesson of humility and courage !
Plenty of hugs to all of you there !

30 Apr 2011