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Let animals speak


Let animals speak
Well, hullo again ;o)

Today I received a nice little announcement. A publisher informed me of a new book that is about to be published, but very secretively: they had some comic-strip-like pictures where they had the animals speak about the news. I have whited out the words and I am gonna have my students fill the bubbles again to practice conditionals. Now my question, do you happen to know about links to some websites where animals talk to each other as if they were people?

Thanks and kind regards

3 May 2011      

United States

I found this: http://www.wimp.com/talkinganimals/  Ed

3 May 2011     


I love this, thank you! I just wish they were a set of photos. 

3 May 2011     


Edrodmedina - that īs hilarious!!!
I īm Wolverine! I īm Sabretooth! Wolverine! Sabretooth!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

3 May 2011     


Absolutely cracking! Thanks, Ed, for putting a smile on my face!
@Regina: how about this one?

3 May 2011     

Czech Republic

Did you like it? Wanna more?
actually it is a series of funny BBC animal videos "Walk on the Wild Side"



3 May 2011