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Help from moderators.

sonia santos

Help from moderators.
 I īve noticed a new user has stolen and uploaded two previously uploaded WS from other users. It seems to me that those old accounts have been cancelled since I got the result "No account found". This makes it impossible for me to report the WS as a stolen contribuition because due to the removal of the WS there is no link anymore.  Since I keep record of the creators of the the WS I download, it īs very easy for me to trace the banned authors. So, my question is: is it of any use to report them? Thanks

4 May 2011      

Czech Republic

Do you know the original author of the worksheets? You may try to send him/her a PM.
Maybe the original author has old friends here and they know his email or blog...
If the work is published on the internet, it might have been downloaded from the personal blog or website of the author... In this case the link can be found and it could be reported as a copy...
You have to tell us the name of the worksheets and author and send the preview picture, if possible...

Least not last, if the new member had uploaded more worksheets, some of those worksheets might be copies too and if you are able to find 3 copies in his profile, his account will be deleted...

5 May 2011     

sonia santos

Thanks : )

5 May 2011     


You said the user account of the copied worksheets has been cancelled. Are the original worksheets still on the site? Is the new user the same person re-uploading their own work? Perhaps you could PM them and find out.  

5 May 2011     


Some members are banned and start a new account re-uploading his/her own (or copied) wss.

5 May 2011