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ESL forum > Ask for help > Items I post must be downloaded to receive points?    

Items I post must be downloaded to receive points?

United States

Items I post must be downloaded to receive points?
I have uploaded a few things on to this site but have received no extra points for them. Do items have to be downloaded by others in order for you to receive extra points? It doesn īt feel fair to me, as if this is some sort of competition.
Any feedback?

5 May 2011      

Czech Republic

Yes, you are right, you receive points only if someone downloads the contribution. It is not a competition, it is a tool to maintain some standards on this site.
Some worksheets don īt take long to make but they are fancy. So some worksheets are downloaded not because of the content but because of they are fashionable or cute...
So you might call it a fashion show... but not a competition... Noone can predict if this or that worksheet will be reaaaaly successful. It is a matter of good luck ...
Please read   F.A.Q.  and Rules and instructions 

The points system:This is a sharing website. All users have to contribute if they want to use other members ī contributions. If you send a printable or a powerpoint, it will be published the next day. Whenever someone downloads your worksheet, you īll get one point, although you īll have to wait two days to receive those points. You can use your points to download other users ī contributions. For example, if you have 14 points you will be able to download 14 worksheets.

When you reach 30 points you will become a premium user (not automatically, but the next day). Then you will have 30 free downloads every day (without using your points). These 30 free downloads can only be chosen from the recent contributions (previous day contributions), not from the whole collection. 

Look at it differently. You will share one successful worksheet or online exercise (these OE gain a lot of points - hint!) and then you will be able to download 900 free worksheets per month, or 10,000 free worksheets per year.

If you find it too bad, you can try a different website where you will have to PAY for the worksheets and the worksheet will not meet the HIGH standards of this website.

It is up to you... It is your choice...

5 May 2011     

Czech Republic

Few hints:
elementary level is preferred
EFL content
several exercises on one page or several pages of exercises
colourful border / textboxes
cute cliparts
song online exercises usually get many points

Please download FREE Tutorials  AND  Templates 
Good luck!
This site is the best I know, so it is worth trying! Don īt give up!

5 May 2011     


 I fully agree wtih all that you have said,Moravc, the coloured printables are absolutely marvellous,but I find that it can be quite expensive to print them or photocopy them for my students, even so I still download a few, but I must admit I downloadl more non-coloured especially for advanced levels which I mostly teach, so I think  if you make your exercise interesting and unusual, you get points.
        Good luck Eskoro

5 May 2011     


It depends on what other teachers are looking for.As for the colourful ones you can always photocopy them in black and white.Have a good day all of you!!!!

5 May 2011     


Rather than photocopying the worksheet I īve started using the coloured ones by displaying them on my smartboard or through the computer so that we all get the pleasure of the colours. The students can still do the activities in their books. It īs kinda going back to the time when we didn īt have photocopiers and everything had to be copied from the blackboard.
Cheers Joy

5 May 2011