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stolen worksheet


stolen worksheet
Today, I bumped on one of my worksheets which was uploaded by apparently a new user. I couldn īt believe it. I immediately informed the moderator. my worksheet was titled "passive voice". I uploaded it on 07 - Apr - 2010.  
what do you think of this attitude? Don īt you think that any user who steal a worksheet should be banned from the site?

25 May 2011      

United Kingdom

Perhaps you īre not aware, Moufida, but there īs a bullet-pocked wall behind ESLP Central...

25 May 2011     

Czech Republic

Come on, moufida....

You īve been a member here for more than a year now so it should not be a surprise for you that wss are being stolen. And you should be also aware that the only thing you have to do in such a case is to report the stolen ws. There are more than 50 stolen wss every day reported. Can you imagine how the forum would look like if everyone whose ws was stolen informed us about it there?
Next time just press the "report" button and the moderators will do the work.Wink

@almaz Clap

EDIT: I can see you already reported the ws... just please, next time youīll report, provide a proper link so we donīt have to waste our time by searching for it and reporting again. Thanks

25 May 2011