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Teaching Pronunciation Help


Teaching Pronunciation Help

Dear all colleagues

Tomorrow I’m going to join a kind of teacher’s meeting conducted by the school which all the teachers come and show their teaching games or techniques on various topics. Tomorrow, I am assigned to show a games or activities related to the teaching pronunciation for beginner. The topic of pronunciation is mainly focusing on the /i:/ sound with letter “ee” and “ea”  So how do you teach pronunciation to your students? What kinds of games do you use in the class when you teach pronunciation? Could you share your games or any resources I can find so that I can prepare it for my tomorrow meeting?

Thanks in advance. I’m looking to hearing your response.


1 Jun 2011      


Draw a green leaf on the wb and write green leaf next to eat. Then use various flashcards eg sea,pen,egg,three,jeans,leg,bed,sheep etc and ask them to draw only the pictures that are pronounced with the same sound of green and leaf.

1 Jun 2011     

United States

Can it be an electronic game on the web?
http://www.starfall.com/n/make-a-word/long-e/play.htm?f shows a picture of peel, heel, seed, and deer. The students have to write the word that corresponds to the picture. The game has audio and pronounces the words. I liked this one.
Have you tried playing hangman? The students guess the word.
http://www.gamequarium.com/phonics28.html has hangman games. I have not used it but there is a link to free editable versions they say. If it works, maybe you could edit a game with just long e words.
Have you considered a jeopardy game? There is a free template at http://jc-schools.net/tutorials/ppt-games/ also for other games like password. I have not tried this site either, so I don ´t know if it is a good site.
Good luck!
If I had to present a game, I would make flashcards of the first game (screenshots or using my own clipart. then I would play hangman on the board with the class. 
Dominos, go fish, and memory also come to mind as possibilities. Have you ever played memory with a balnket? One student  leaves the room and students take turns hiding one of the cards under the blanket, and the student is called back in, and has to guess which card was put under the blanket. Then someone else  leaves the room whild another card is hidden by the person who was just "it" (the person who went out and guessed).

1 Jun 2011