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reminder or reminiscent


reminder or reminiscent
HI everybody!
  I would appreciate some help with this: I have to describe a picture in which a saint is holding a knife, what should I say?: "the knife is a reminiscent of his martyrdom" or "reminder of his martyrdom". Which one sounds correct to native speakers?.. Thanks in advance

8 Jun 2011      


Hi - just joined this site. Reminder is perfect - much better than reminiscent. Indefinite article would be better "a".

8 Jun 2011     


Whilst ´is reminiscent of ´ suggests a likeness or familiarity based on a memory, for example, ´This place is reminscent of where I grew up ´, ´is a reminder of ´ is slightly different in that it refers to something which will ´actively ´ bring to mind the second subject, object, or point of reference (or whatever the writer suggests!) in this case, ´... his martyrdom ´.
Whilst ´is a reminder of ´ is ok (with article ´a ´ as noted) I personally, here, would go with neither and instead use the word ´signifies ´ which simply means what it says, that it denotes, is indicative of (reveals or points to) a particular object, or point:  ´The knife signifies his martyrdom ´ =  ´(The knife) is indicative of (his martyrdom) ´
Hope this isn´t too long winded and that it helps,
Lee :)

8 Jun 2011     

United States

a symbol of his martyrdom


signifies/represents his martyrdom

8 Jun 2011