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Costa Rica

Hi everybody!!!!

I need your help....this year I need to plann the English day on my school, I am new at this school so I dont really know what can I do or if the students and rest of teachers will be helpfull or will not even participate,,,,,,,, the idea for this day is kind of a day for a festival in which the students are able to be in contact with the target language....I was planning to make my students of 1st level sing a song and the ones from 2nd level to read a poem and the ones from 3rd level to explain the food that will be sell  during the day.....but I dont know if this is a good idea...if u have any idea that can help me I will be more than thankfull.

Thankssss and I will be waiting for your help....


24 Jul 2011      

Russian Federation

Some ideas.

1. A concert (songs, poems, short simple plays,etc)

2. A contest "Guess the character of the English and American books" (eg. Alice. Winnie the Pooh, Gulliver, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Harry Potter, Stewart Little, Mowgli, etc.) The kids make costumes and a short speech to introduce their character. It can be a part of the concert. Give a prize to the student who will guess more characters.  

3. An exhibition of students´  illustrations to English and American children authors.

4.  An exhibition of adapted books in English for children of your ages (if you can find any and buy them.) At the end of the day you can use them as prizes for the best students or sell them at the fair, You can also ask your students to share the books they have at home for the exhibition.

5. A competition of compositions with drawings (eg. My Best Friend, My Pet, My Toys, etc.) written before the English Day. The winner is chosen by the jury of students and teachers. The prizes are given for the best three ones.

 6. A short Spelling Bee competition.

Good luck.


24 Jul 2011     


Hello !

You can have a competition before the festival : My Favourite Unit.
The student have to prepare something themselves about a topic from his/her book. (Drawing, 3D pictures etc).

Then from these projects you could make an exhibition.

You can also make a quiz about the English speaking countries. ( colour the flags, give them a blind map and they have to recognize the capitals and the countries etc).

You can also put on a show. There are so many songs that even small children can learn. - for these I would recommend action songs. Or you could make a short play for example Snow White and teach the songs as well. Or Goldilocks and the three bear. Another good nursery rhyme is : There were ten in the bed and the little one said... I just love this.

For activities on the spot: you could prepare the British and American flags, make an English minibook, you could make puzzles from animal pictures and the quickest student naming the animal wins.  For older students you can use a text that they have to put in the correct order.

As Julia said the Spelling Bee competition is another good idea.

I hope I was able to help you.

Do the parents go to these events as well?


24 Jul 2011     

Russian Federation

One more idea -you can take any poem and have a contest of  translators. Kids can make pictures . Some classes can dramatize songs they like . They adore it.

24 Jul 2011     

Russian Federation

May be any dress code on that day.Look through http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=552442#thetop

24 Jul 2011     


I think that a short play would be great, or maybe my idea will help you....

 Once I prepared a "story illustrated with photos " with my students. It was great because they invented a story, then they took their own photos and we made a kind of comic strip.

 They loved it, they had fun and at the same time they had to use the language to create a story.... there were different stories, they were very creative. 

they printed big photos and they made big posters.... then they were shown to the rest of the school cause they were stuck up on the walls. Hope you like it! Have a nice week!

24 Jul 2011