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a suitable movie

sweet hannah

a suitable movie
Dear Esl Teachers,

I intend to prepare a movie for my students but time is a problem. I īm searching for a short movie - half an hour or an hour maximum- suitable for 13- year-old students with a good theme to run a discussion after watching it. Nothing INTERESTING came to my mind. I need your help. If you can suggest any short interesting movies, I īll be grateful.

Thanks a lot

24 Jul 2011      

United States

The movie based on the book Holes was very good and I think would appeal to 13 year olds. I donīt think youīll find a full feature movie that is only 1 hr long though.

24 Jul 2011     


I īd say "Cyberbully" 2011, but it īs 2 hours long. You could divide it into 30 min sessions. BTW there are plenty of scenes in the movie to end a session with, leaving your ss in suspense wondering what will happen next :) that will definitely spike an after-watching discussion.
See the movie trailer here.

24 Jul 2011     

sweet hannah

Thanks a lot. I īve watched Holes - a great suggestion. I īve not seen Cyberbully , but I like the idea very much. Thank you both  Ed and Sophiea

24 Jul 2011     


I really like showing Mr. Bean as they can all understand his body language, and they will have to discuss in English what he is doing, what problems he runs into, etc. Charlie Chaplain is also great for this.
There are also cartoon shorts that are really good. Pixar has a whole DVD of them.

25 Jul 2011     



Iīd suggest SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES.Take a look at the link of the movie:

My stds really loved it!

Hugs and kisses,


25 Jul 2011