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sweet hannah

Hi everyone,

I īm teaching my students to use similes in descriptive writing and they should avoid overused similes. So I need your help to find some alternatives to overused similes.

Here is the list:
1- clean as a whistle
2- quiet as a mouse
3- cool as a cucumber
4- straight as an arrow
5- as easy as a pie
6- like a bull in a china shop
7- run like the wind
8- hungry as a horse
9- flat as a pancake
10- as cols as ice

Hope you help me.
Thanks in advance

27 Jul 2011      


Do you mean avoid using cliches? Well, then you could find some fine pieces of writing by some good authors and ask your ss to find similes in those articles and analyse them: why the similes are/aren īt cliches and what the author did to make the simile sound original. I think this would be more beneficial for your students then just giving them an alternative list.

27 Jul 2011     


These are common sayings. I think just having alternatives wouldn īt really work. We use these cliches because they work so well.
Some alternatives in use are:
As easy as falling off a log
As quiet as the grave

27 Jul 2011