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ESL forum > Teaching material > Do you have any project for a school year?    

Do you have any project for a school year?


Do you have any project for a school year?
Hello everybody, I know that is almost Christmas, that Argentina´s school year has finished, but I know that next year I´ll have 3rd grade with kids of 8 or 9 years old, that don´t speak any word in English. It is compulsory to use the book stardust 3. I don´t know either the book. And it´s compulsory to make a school project with English. Do you have any ideas?? I hope you can help me. I would like to make a play at the end of the year or something like that.

21 Dec 2008      


Hi Neda,

We are using Stardust 3 to 5 but  we are private teachers with reduced groups in each level.
Some of the Stardust include a play at the end. Anyway, you can use some subject related with the units or as a complement.

We worked with Wizadora  these last two years, but I do not know what about the next one yet.

21 Dec 2008     

manonski (f)

They could make a book about themselves: my family, my hobbies, favourites, can and can´t. Each month they can add a page about themselves.

Also, if you teach writing, you could do a correspondance project. I´m sure you could find someone on this site who´d be willing to correspond with your students.


22 Dec 2008     

alien boy

maybe they could make a giant book so everyone in the class can contribute. The students could then present it as a story to the school & this story could be acted out as a play as well! You could have 1 (or more) student(s) being the narrator, a couple of students being the assistants/librarians with the book & the orest of the class performing & stage managing. It might be a good way to get everyone in the class involved, not just the students with the best speaking skills, but also physical & artistic skills too!


22 Dec 2008     


I have not idea about the content of that book but here I come up with a couple of ideas that might help:

PICTURE DICTIONARY (separated by categories) from the new words they find in every reading. Or adapt it to your topics.

 ALL ABOUT ME BOOK: As someone has already mentioned, your students can make a scrapbook of his personal information like hobbies, family. You can separate each month for a category. For example the first month about themselves, the second month about their family, and the third month about friendship: best friends, old friends, classmates, etc.

 PICTURE STORY BOOK: Tell them stories every few days or every week, or once a month which they will need to summarize through pictures and bubble dialogues.

INDEPENDENT READING PROJECTS: Choose easy and short readings, I mean according to their level. So they need to read and in groups they can make special and different tasks. For instance, in an adventure story reading: you can tell one group to make an EVENT MAP of the events happened in the story, another group could make a WANTED POSTER where they describe the villain of the story and so on.

They can contribute to the library school and write down their dedications in their works.

You can also work with more than two projects, right?
Well in my short teaching experience these are a few activities that I came across during my trainee teaching work and afterwards I used it in the Institute I work at and they really worked well.   I also decorated my classroom walls with the projects of each reading to motivate them.

Hope I helped a little!

22 Dec 2008     

manonski (f)

If you´re computer savvy, you could make a web page where the students can put pictures and stuff they have made in English class or describe activities they´ve done during the school year.
There is also the possibility to prepare a play to be presented at the end of the school year.
Make a school newspaper that comes out 4 times a year. Include games, riddles, school news...
Students could invent games that they can present to the younger ones.

22 Dec 2008