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ESL forum > Ask for help > Attendees Vs ? (Urgent)    

Attendees Vs ? (Urgent)

Amna 107
United Arab Emirates

Attendees Vs ? (Urgent)
Dear All,
This is quite urgent and I appreciate your help.
We say "attendees" for people who attend an event, but what do we say for people who regret?
E.g, I have a list of "attendees" and ?
Please advise.
Best regards,

8 Sep 2011      

maryse peyé

may it be ´opponents ´ ?
or ´pros ´ vs ´cons ´ ?

8 Sep 2011     


when you say ´people who regret ´ do you mean people who were invited to the event but decided not to come?
In that case you could use ´a list of attendees and a list of people who declined the invitation ´
Hope this is helpful

8 Sep 2011     

Amna 107
United Arab Emirates

Thank you for the reply.


I heard the word "absentees"?


But I think I would go with " People who excused from attendance"


Best wishes,

8 Sep 2011     


If it is a business meeting then the following terms apply:

Attended: Attendees There were 12 attendees
Advised absences: Apologies  There were three apologies
Unadvised absence: These are not usually mentioned in the minutes of business meetings however if you need a term then perhaps Absentees might be suitable although this could also include the people who sent their apologies There were 5 absentees including three apologies
More info here and here and here and here
If it is a business seminar, conference, workshop or training session then use Expressions of Interest (EOI) for those who have expressed an interest but not yet paid/confirmed and Registrations for those who have paid/confirmed.  We have 10 registrations and 22 EOI´s.  Once the event has occurred then use the word participants.  We had fifty participants.
If it is an event such as a wedding reception, birthday party etc then people who RSVP are referred to as acceptances and inabilities.  We can buy acceptance and inability cards to RSVP for such an event.  We have received 30 acceptances and 12 inabilities.
See Wedding Acceptance & Wedding Inability cards by Hallmark here 

8 Sep 2011