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ESL forum > Ask for help > How to help my students with Listening activities?    

How to help my students with Listening activities?

[email protected]! P

How to help my students with Listening activities?

How to teach Listening? Can you give some suggestions? What can I make to help my students to understand the listening passages? How can I minimize problems during a listening activity?

Thanks in advance.

9 Sep 2011      

United States

Start with short phrases, not passages, that have students to follow a simple direction on their paper. Depending on their age, you can make up easy things, that are fun, by allowing them to color/draw and/or use crayons.
ex: "We are doing a listening activity. Listen to my directions, and do what I say. I will only say each direction three times." Draw a yellow house. Draw a green flower beside the yellow house. Draw a purple sun above the green flower.
Then, as the lessons progress, give less information about the previous direction, and repeat fewer times.
ex: instead of draw a green flower beside the yellow house, say draw a green flower beside the house.
After several lessons, they will be excited about ´listening activities ´ and should be ready and willing to listen to passages. If you ´re still having trouble, read them short stories, and providing them with blank paper, divided into sections, have them draw the parts of the story they remember, offering more points/prizes/treats for more remembered parts; or have prepared story picture cards that they are to sequence after listening. Hope this helps :)

9 Sep 2011     


Hi! Have a look at these articles from British Council:

9 Sep 2011     

teacher jessie

Pre listening activities are very useful. You can show them a picture that illustrates the conversation or passage that they ´re about to listen and put comprehensive questions, that way you lead them to the topic.
Another pre listening activity would be a game to introduce some key words.
The point is that when they start listening , they already have a pretty good idea of the it is about.
Hope it helps
Good luck!

9 Sep 2011