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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > Help me with A LOT OF    

Help me with A LOT OF


Help me with A LOT OF
Hello everyone, I am so confused in this grammar point : A LOT OF + Countable Nouns/Uncountable Nouns I ´m not sure when I use A LOT OF with There is / There are . My student asked me if she could use A LOT OF with "There is". For example : There is a lot of pizza on the table ---> Is it right ??? Give me some explanation please!Thank a lot :)

16 Sep 2011      


We say ; There is a lot of sugar     (There is a lot of ...uncountable)
               There are a lot of apples ( There are a lot of plural countables)
               There are lots of apples
Some examples:
There is a lot of pizza left over after the party.
There are a lot of slices of pizza left from the party.
There is lots of left-over pizza if you´re hungry. (uncountable) lots of tells you how much.
There is a lot of sugar spilled on the table.
There is lots of sugar left in the bowl. 
There are a lot of bags of sugar in the cupboard.
There are lots of flowers in the garden.

16 Sep 2011     


" a lot of" is normally only used in affirmative sentences.
 there is a lot of milk left in the bottle.   uncountable noun
 There is a bottle of milk on the table.     countable singular noun
 There are  a lot of bottles in the bottle bank.  countable plural noun
  you can also use lots of instead of a lot of
     Have a good day.

16 Sep 2011     


Thank all your comments , my friend....Have a nice day both of you :)

16 Sep 2011