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FCE speaking part photos ideas


FCE speaking part photos ideas
Hope you have had a good weekend! Next Tuesday I d like to focus the first half an hour of my FCE students class on the speaking part. Last year I usually ran out of ideas quite easily depending on the pictures. Still, this year I want to prepare my students better for this part. I wonder if you could help me with more ideas. In the first set of pictures it is shown some people going horse riding through a mountain path while on the other picture there are some people visiting some ancient Greek remains. The question is: Why do people go to places like these for a day out? My ideas: breath fresh air and feel in contact with nature / improve our knowledge about ancient civilizations or to put into practice all the theory we were taught when we were at school.
The other set of pictures shows a kid celebrating his birthday / a woman holding her little baby / a wedding day / someone with their arms up on the summit of a mountain / a girl winning a race / some university students just being graduated / a family going trekking. The question is: "Why would people keep these photographs? Which photograph is the most special?
Thanks in advanced. 

25 Sep 2011      


For the second set of photographs:
- They may represent important achievements in a person s life.  In the first photograph the holder may be either the baby or the mother - so the achievement is either the beginning of one s life, or giving life to another.
Similarly they may represent successes - reaching a certain age, graduating, getting married, first child, making it to the summit successfully etc.
They could be in remembrance of someone who has died.
May people keep photographs to pass on to the next generation - to provide links between people, to show how they were related or connected.  We look at our ancestors to look for resemblances.

Which is most special - the answer would vary very much with the person.  A wedding might no longer be precious to someone who is divorced.  A baby photo is probably more precious to the mother, especially if the child died.

26 Sep 2011