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Ma thesis problems


Ma thesis problems

My name īs Mark. I īve been attending MA seminar devoted to the subject of language acquisition from the perspective of Chomskyan linguistics and I īm struggling with the problem of coming up with my MA thesis. I īve read some books about Universal Grammar, Language Faculty but still haven īt got any ideas on what to write my MA about. One thing that I īve got interested in is American Sign Language, but I don īt know how to connect this subject with Universal Grammar (my advisor says that the thesis must be strictly connected with UG). I īd like to know if there īs anyone who could give me some hints or advices that would help me somehow ;) In return, I can send you 1-2 gb of English teaching materials and pdf books via e-mail ;)

Please contact me via private message.

Thanks for reading,


25 Sep 2011      


Hi Mark
Your topic sounds very complex.
I canīt really help much apart to let you know that I know of a deaf teenager who primarily relies on sign language and whose written grammar is very poor.  This teenager had to receive extra tuition in written English for their final school exams.
I know very little about sign language but I guess grammatically it is very different to the grammar most of us think about.
Good luck!

26 Sep 2011     

United Kingdom

Margaret Deuchar from Bangor University has done some interesting work on extending the concept of diglossia to include sign language. In fact, she contributed to a book on Chomsky with a paper entitled Sign languages as creoles and Chomsky īs notion of universal grammar (from Noam Chomsky: Consensus and Controversy (Falmer Press, 1987)). Your advisor should be able to point you in the direction of a copy.

26 Sep 2011