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More barons

United Kingdom

More barons
Hi Everyone

I need names of some living barons, not in the aristocratic sense but that of people that control large parts of an industry. eg. media baron Rupert Murdoch.

Thanks in advance


28 Sep 2011      


Conrad Black, who is a Canadian by birth, gave up his citizenship to become a "Baron". Unfortunately, he is of the same ilk as Rupert... they must be related somehow.. or maybe all media moguls are crooks!


28 Sep 2011     

United States

The description here mentions some names that may help:
"Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford are here, as well as J.P. Morgan, William Randolph Hearst, Howard Hughes, Malcolm Forbes, Warren Buffett, Steven Spielberg, and Bill Gates."
and another link:
business magnates:
and probably the best list (the English is bad though):
and one more list:

28 Sep 2011     

United Kingdom

Thanks Linda and Douglas! Your help has woken up my sleepy brain. Ted Turner, Ecclestone, Berlusconi...

Discovered Ted Turner is (perhaps now was) the US īs largest private landowner - very interesting piece on him: Hope he īs as decent as he seems to be (well, in conservation terms, anyway) but guess that might be breaking the tycoon mould! Well, IYI here īs the link:


Mua mua from sunny Barcelona

28 Sep 2011     


My first idea was Richard Branson, a modern tycoon. I also thought of Lakshmi Mittal (steel magnate) and Carlos Slim (telecom), among the richest men on the planet.

28 Sep 2011     


If you are looking for Australian magnates/tycoons (which are our equivalent terms of baron) then take a look at the 2011 list here - Number 1 is a female, Gina Rinehart (mining industry).

28 Sep 2011     

United States

Frank Stronach
Oleg Deripaska

29 Sep 2011