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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > WOD of October 7 goes on for the weekend    

WOD of October 7 goes on for the weekend

maryse peyé

WOD of October 7 goes on for the weekend
Dear friends I will be out for the weekend so I trust you to write crazy or really scientific daffynitions with my WOD.
I ´ll choose the winner on Sunday !
Have a very good weekend.

8 Oct 2011      

United States

A backarapper isa Italian euphemism fora a poletician. A persun whoa slapsa (raps) people ona backa ola time a. Pleasa forgivea me my bad Italian accent. Ed

8 Oct 2011     

United States

Modern technology progresses so fast that what is today ´s wild dream maybe tomorrow´s domestic appliance. Like the scientists prognosticate that very soon every matron will not have to contend with is unwrapping the gifts because a new robot Backarapper will be programmed in that way that it will easily get "the look" of the gift back.

8 Oct 2011     


Backarapper, is the strip of cloth used to carry your baby on your back, thus leaving you free-hand style...
Instructions: first, get yourself a baby
next, get yourself the cloth...
and now, follow these easy 1-2-3 steps!
AND YOU ´RE ALL SET!!!!! You ´re backarapper is good to go!!!

8 Oct 2011