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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > idea for warm up    

idea for warm up

United Arab Emirates

idea for warm up
please give me an idea how can i start my lesson

my lesson is about present simple tense and present continuous

9 Oct 2011      


Something that helps students to understand the difference between these two tenses is showing them famous people doing other things. For example, Justin Biever playing video games so that you can clearly show what he usually does and what he is doing in the pic.
Hope you find it useful.

9 Oct 2011     

United Arab Emirates

I don’t know may be let a boy come in as a vendor with things like a cards that has verbs and pictures like a boy and eating a banana and a real banana, play and real ball etc.the boys buy them. then ask them questions like what does so and so do everyday .They will say eat a banana (card) then let the boy eat the banana at the spot and ask what is he doing now and so on. Or let the boys ask you and you give the right form by emphasizing on the difference between eat eating etc.

What I do is I make three columns(if I do past  here it will be two columns .I name them every day, now). In everyday I divide it into two I write They /we/you/I eat /she /he/it +eats .In the second I write am/is/are +eat +ing.SO its like eat/eats -eating  play/plays - playing

Then I write a different verb and they write them in the same way after that they write sentences in the following sequence
Everyday: Subject pronoun + verb + object       I eat meat.  I play football. Etc

Now: Subject pronoun+ am/is/are  + verb + object   Iam eating meat . Iam playing football etc

I hope it helps...You could let them arrange them on the board in order with flash cards ...

11 Oct 2011