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Help with Play Script


Help with Play Script
Hello everyone,
This year I īm doing drama with teenagers (12-13-14 year olds) for the first time. I haven īt got any play script to begin with. I īve searched for it in the printables, but I couldn īt find any that suits teenagers. Maybe you can help me. And if you have any suggestions for warm-up activities and exercises, that would be reaally good :)

10 Oct 2011      


There are two books by ken Wilson and Dough Case which are on the net "Off Stage" and are funny sketches for those ages to perform. If you want to see an example you can see my students in Wearetheworld. You can also find those sketches recorded.
Hope it helps

10 Oct 2011     


Off Stage seems to be helpful, thanks a lot Yolanda :)

10 Oct 2011     


This summer I went to a drama camp with some students from my school and I have to tell you teens love fairy-tales, twisted ones with a modern touch :) If your students are creative enough, they will write the script themselves, you īll be just guiding the process, handing out suggestions and keeping an eye on grammar and appropriate language. If you have kids who can dance, incorporate it in your play, those who can sing, can sing an appropriate couple of lines from popular songs (kind of like a medley) Let them design their costumes. In this case they will enjoy the process and will be really proud of their achievement.
Hereīs a link for drama games http://www.dramagames.info/
All the best to you!

10 Oct 2011     


There are several sites on the net.
Love this one
I usually adapt it to my studentsī needs.

10 Oct 2011     


ueslteacher and tereang, thanks a lot, your ideas and websites are really helpful :)

11 Oct 2011