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Black cat


Black cat
Hello, dear colleagues!
I ´m preparing a Halloween party with my students. We ´ve already learned some songs and poems. Children ´re going to be dressed in costumes. The ´re very enthusiastic about it. I ´m looking for a poem (song, chant) about black cat, because one of the girls will be dressed in a black cat ´s costume. I cannot find anything suitable for her. Could you, please, help me? My pupils are 10 - 11 years old. 

12 Oct 2011      

Mariethe House

here ´s an easy one here:

A cat as black
As blackest coal
Is out upon
His midnight stroll,
His steps are soft,
His walk is slow,
His eyes are gold,
They flash and glow.
And so I run
And so I duck,
I do not need
His black-cat luck.

And more here:Smile


12 Oct 2011     

maryse peyé

I ´ve just written this one (just for fun because I adore creating)
Black as the night
Lonely along the streets
Able to see by night
Cat of a witch so sweet
Knight of the bad spirits
Cat of the dark
Able to read your mind
Trapped you in my park !
Hope it will make your students smile...    Maryse.

12 Oct 2011     


A simpler poem for younger ones and can be sung to the  tune of Brother John:

Witches on Broomsticks
Witches on Broomsticks

dressed in black
dressed in black

I ´m a cute little black cat
A cute little black cat

Sitting on the back
Sitting on the back

Have fun.

12 Oct 2011     


Such lovely black cat poems submitted for you to consider.  MP, I love your masterpiece.
How about this one from here

Tune:  “Three Blind Mice”

Three black cats,
Three black cats.
See how they run,
See how they scat.
They run loose all over town.
They cause a mess and knock things down.
They better watch out or they’ll be in the pound.
Three black cats.


12 Oct 2011     


Such nice poems! Now I don ´t know which one to choose! LOL

12 Oct 2011