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Two old worksheets


Two old worksheets
Dear colleagues,

I need your help. Some time ago I downloaded two great worksheets but I don īt know how, I īve lost them. They are called "Most Frequently Used Expressions -I" and "Most Frequently Used Expressions -II". They have lots of expressions for speculating, summarizing, ordering, expressing two points of view, justifying your opinions, asking for information, etc.

I īd be very grateful if you coud tell me the link where I can downloaded them again or the name of the person who uploaded them.

Thanks in advance!!

30 Oct 2011      


Just search as most frequently used expressions. And see what happen! An you will be able to download them!

30 Oct 2011     


Here īs the thing I wanted to help and tried looking but 0 results. Either the user has deleted the wss or his/her account has been cancelled or else you got the title wrong.
Could these be the ones youīre looking for?
If so, you did get the title wrong;)

30 Oct 2011     

Czech Republic

Dear Nichi,
this sounds really ineresting. I would love to help you, I have tried searching ESLP but in vain... Could you scan the printables if you have them printed? and share the jpg here on forum? Maybe some members will remember the author...
Make a jpg of the printable and share it here. It might help!
Or retype the beginning of the printable so we can see what we are trying to find...

If you have one of those printables as a MS Word document, try to have a look in the details, there might be the name of the author...

31 Oct 2011     


Hello Nika,
We īve been posting simultaneously:)
Check the ones I īve mentioned, I think they are the ones:)

31 Oct 2011     

Czech Republic

Dearest Sophia,
I think you got them! Clever girl! Congrats!

31 Oct 2011     


Thank you very much four replies!!

Dear Claudiafer -  The first thing I did to look for them was what you have said but 0 results:(

Dear Ueslteacher - Thank you very much for your effort. Your documents are really interesting but they īre not those I īm looking for.

Dear Moravc - Your idea is great. I have scanned one of them, the other one is very similar. When I printed them I did it in black and white but I think the original ones were orange. I mean, the boxes where the expressions are were orange. I don īt remember if I did some changes or not but basically the appearance of the worsheet was as in the scanned document.

Thanks a lot for your help!!

31 Oct 2011     


Dear Ueslteacher,
I īve just read the documents you īve found and they are very similar to mine. I īve already downloaded them. Thank you very much to all of you for your help.Heart
Best regards!!! 

31 Oct 2011     

Czech Republic

Hello Nichi,
I am looking for the printable - the jpg scan you have shared. Please be patient....

Guys, anybody there? Can you give us a hand?


edit: PS: I am terribly sorry, I canīt find it. Shall I retype it for you?

Making invitations:
What are you doing on...?
Have you got any plans for...?
Would you like to ... (do)?
What about ... (doing)?

Refusing an invitation:
Iīm afraid Iīm busy on ...
Iīm sorry I canīt, Iīm...
Iīm afraid I canīt make it. Iīm... (doing something else)
Iīd love to, but...
Thatīs very kind of you but...

Accepting an invitation:

Yes, Iīd love to.
Yes, that would be great.

Asking for advice:
What do you think I should do?
What would you do if you were in my situation?
What would you advise me to do?

Giving advice:
I think you should... (do).
You could... (do).
Why donīt you ... (do)?
Have you tried ... (doing)?

Making recommendations:
You mustnīt ...
You must go to the...
Youīve got to .. (do).
Youīll have to ...
I wouldnīt recommend the...
you definitely wouldnīt enjoy going to the ...

Offering something:
Would you like...?
What can I get you...?
Please have some...
Can I offer you... (some)

Accepting something thatīs offered:
Yes, please
Thank you very much.
That would be very nice.
Iīd like some ... please.

Declining something thatīs offered:
I am all right / Iīm fine, thank you.
No, thanks.
Not this time, thanks.
Iīm not sure I could, thank you.

Asking for permission:
Can I...?    May I... please?
Do you mind if I.... ?
I wonder / I was wondering if I could...
Would it be possible for me to...
Would it bother you if I...?

Giving permission:

Of course.
Yes, thatīs OK / fine.
Youīre welcome to ...
Please feel free to...
Please donīt hesitate to...
By all means.
Go ahead.
Why not?

Refusing permission:
Iīm afraid not
I am sorry itīs not possible.
Iīm afraid you canīt.
Iīm afraid thatīs out of the question.

Iīd probably agree on that.
I think thatīs probably right.
Thatīs absolutely right.
Sure! Thatīs exactly what I think.
I couldnīt agree more.
Thatīs what I think

Yes, but...
True, but...
I see what you mean, but...
I suppose so, but...
Yes, but on the other hand...
Iīm afraid I disagree / donīt agree...
Iīm not sure of thatīs exactly true.
You have a point here but...
Actually, I canīt agree with that...

Now you can copy paste it into new document and youīll have the editable version in 1 minute.
Good luck.

31 Oct 2011     


Maybe it īs deleted. Nichi, do you remember the author of "the expressions"?

31 Oct 2011     

Czech Republic

Hi guys! Have a look at the list I retyped above.
Maybe some of the senior members will be able to find the printable if he/she searched his/her Eslprintables downloads.
Search for these phrases included in the printables:
"Have you got any plans for"
"I see what you mean"

31 Oct 2011     

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