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Hey everyone


Hey everyone
Just got a call that I need to host a one hour English Club meeting with about 40-50 students and I should have them all talking.  I am heading to class now and have about 15 minutes to prepare something between class and the English Club.  Any ideas for something to do that would be fun and also get everyone talking?  Let me know if you have any ideas!
Thanks a lot!!!

1 Nov 2011      


Depending on their ages and English level of course, but could try subjects like:

Introducing oneself:  If it īs the first lesson it īs very important for them to know something about each other.

Talk about a film they īve seen and liked.

Computers and software that they use and recommend. 

Books they have read and liked. 

Places they have visited and would recommend.

40-50 students seem a lot to cope with, perhaps you could put them into small groups preparing together and then "acting" in front of the others.

There are plenty of things to talk about:

Animals in the house, Clothes, Education, Television, Shopping, The weather, Christmas, Living abroad, Cars and driving, The environment, Jobs, Smoking, Food.

The problem is getting the conversation started. 

Good luck,

1 Nov 2011