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Problem with the points


Problem with the points

Hey!! My wss have been downloaded but I´m not receiving any points for it. I think there´s sth wrong and I´d like to know if it´s happening to anyone else too. The points are very important to me cuz I´m just addicted to downloading the ws to work with my groups. Is it happening to you?

Please, sb, help me out!!!Cry

26 Sep 2008      


Yeah! The same is happening to me. I haven´t got any points from the ws I´ve uploaded today and it is being download. What should I do?

26 Sep 2008     

Spanglish girl

Yesterday Victorco mmunicated that points will be available the following day your worksheets have benn downloaded. This is mainly to avoid people stealing worksheets. So you´ll receive yor points tomorrow, not today.

26 Sep 2008     

Marshmallow (F)

Don´t worry about your points, you´ll get them tomorrow, you´ll find the link with Victor´s explanations here:
These are the new rules to prevent stealers from getting points that they don´t deserve and use them.

26 Sep 2008     


Hello, everyone! 
The same thing is happening with me: I got lots of downloaded worksheets, but had no points for them!Unhappy  Does anyone know what we can do about this? 
Well, I´m new here but already love the site! Thanks for everyone who´s been contributing to my classes.
Take care!

26 Sep 2008     


Hi...my wss are being downloaded but I´m not receiving my points...could somebody help me???

23 Nov 2008