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Question about the rule


Question about the rule
Hi. I ve just registered here and I m not even sure if it s appropriate to ask this kind of question here.
I have a question regarding the rule of this website.
At the end of the rule, it says:
"The documents included in this website can be downloaded for personal use only. You are not allowed to use them for commercial purposes, nor to publish them by any means whatsoever. That includes publishing them on your website for your students use."
Well, I am an English teacher just like everyone else here is.
I m teaching English to kids and that s what I do for my living - it s my job.
I earn money by teaching.
If I use the document here in my lesson, does that mean I m using it for a commercial purpose?
Can I use the documents in my job to teach English to little kids?
Is it considered " personal use"?

8 Nov 2011      


These materials are free to use/copy for teaching your students. (personal use)

8 Nov 2011     

manonski (f)

Welcome! You ll find this place is great.

About the use of printables:
You can use them in your class.(personal use) You can t regroup them and sell them in an activity book to make money.(commercial use)

8 Nov 2011     

maryse pey

These ws are considered as tools in your job. You earn money with your teaching not with your tools.
You can use your tools to make easier your teaching as far as you do not sell them if they are not your own work.
Welcome on the site ! Enjoy the treasures you will find !

8 Nov 2011     

Olindalima ( F )

Hi kumayome

Welcome to the place.

Apodo and Manon have already answered, but I would like to add some more info.

First: Everything here is coyrighted, so, this copyright means you can download and use it, freely, ONLY for your students. You may print and have as many copies as you need and give them to your students, in class,

Second: You CAN T use anything from this web and reupload it anywhere, except, and I repeat, EXCEPT, for the Online exercises - these, you can copy the embed code and reupload them in a personal web, moodle plat, whatever - this site provides a code for such situations

Something you didn t ask, but, on time, I can also give the info, we are not allowed to publish, here, anything that is not OUR work. No copies are allowed, and we do have alot of work, scanning everything , daily. Please, pay attention to copyrighted clipart and, if you haven t , so far, have a look at the tutorials section. May be you find something useful.
Any other questions, feel free andshow up and...ask.



8 Nov 2011     


Hi Apodo, Manonski, Maryse, Linda,

I am amazed to have my question answered so quickly by so many of you!
This site seems to be very active and excellent!
Thanks to your kind explanation, now I understand what it means by "personal use" and "commercial use".
Thank you very much and I am so excited to be a part of this community!

8 Nov 2011