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ESL forum > Ask for help > Need some suggetsions!!!    

Need some suggetsions!!!


Need some suggetsions!!!
Hello Everybody!!!
I hope you are Ok!!!
Well, I m studying Master in English Didactics.. and my professor asked us to do a project... I m thinking about  speaking, now she also said that the project had to be some new, you know to innovate .. so any ideas!!
I thought about improving speaking skills thorugh games, what how to innovate with techniques, I think all games have already taken :S
I m opening to any suggestions!! thanx

8 Nov 2011      

Hong Kong

I would love to help ... it is an interesting topic.
Firstly ...
What exactly do you mean by "some new" ... "innovative"?
Do you mean you must write about your own ideas or do you mmean you must write about ideas based on modern new teaching theories?
Secondly ...
I think games are not already taken since games are dynamic and adaptive. You must adapt the game to suit the lessons purpose and the needs of your class. Games are games, but they are powerful teaching tools with proper guidance by teachers.
Please spend a little time to make your question clearer so as to get more suitable (and useful) answers.

8 Nov 2011     


Hi Mini9,

one of our German book-publishing houses has created a new section called "sofa-tutor". It works like this: students have to prepare a special topic (grammar, literature...) as if they were young teachers. They have to work with flipcharts, pps, smartboard presentations and so on - and they get filmed. The better they can present and explain the better the other pupils can understand. The students are really very enthusiastic about this and work very hard.
I think your students and their parents would be very proud about a youtube video.
Here is a German-English example:


8 Nov 2011