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ESL forum > Ask for help > to me vs. for me    

to me vs. for me


to me vs. for me
I`ve got a question whether there is any explanation or any difference between using `sth is ... to me` and
`sth is ... for me`
 since translation is the same in some cases.
For example,
Here is a letter FOR you.
The exam is very important TO me.
Thanks for help :) have a nice day

8 Nov 2011      


Here is the way I use these words:
There is a subtle difference in meaning and usage.
This letter/book/ flower is for you. (A general statement - it s for you and I m giving it to you)
This letter is to you. (The letter specifically has your name and address on it)
Your second sentence is common usage: for me doesn t sound as natural
This exam is important to me. 
To use for me Id say:-
It is important for me to pass this exam.
It is important to me to pass this exam. (this is also OK)
Thank you. Your help meant a lot to me.  ( for me can t be used here)

8 Nov 2011     

Saudi Arabia

Thanks a lot for your simple explanation. 

8 Nov 2011     

United States

 "to me" is intrinsic
 "for me" is extrinsic

8 Nov 2011     


Thanks now I`m wiser :)

8 Nov 2011