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Text genrer

Thalia Gralik

Text genrer
Please, I ´d like some information related to the topic "text genrer"; for example a fable is a narrative, an e-mail is a transactional kind of genrer; a recipe is a procedure type of genrer; but I ´d like much more informtion, such as: a drug label is what king of gener, etc...
Thaks in advance for your help.

11 Dec 2011      


Hi Thalia,
According to what I found on the net.....texts are classified into genres on the basis of the intent of the communicator.

Text genre

Communicator ´s intent is to . . .


Tell about a sequence of events.


Give instructions on how to do something.


Explain something.


Encourage someone to do something.


List the characteristics of something.


Genre                           Text Type

Recipe                          Procedure

Personal                       letter Anecdote

Advertisement               Description

Police report                 Description

Student essay               Exposition

Formal letter                  Exposition

Format letter                 Problem–Solution

News item                     Recount

Health brochure             Procedure

Student assignment       Recount

Biology textbook             Report

Film review                    Review

I think a drug lable would be descriptive....because it is listing the characteristics of the drug...
for more details....
I hope I was usefull....and thanks for introducing me to something new....Smile

11 Dec 2011     

junior right

Thanks for sharing this precious paper, dear Reem Ibrahim!!! It ´s very useful!!! :) Have a great week!!#Tongue

11 Dec 2011     


Hi Thalia
I have a PPT on Text Types that may be of some use.  Drug labels would be for the purpose ´to describe ´ and ´to instruct ´ - it ´s an interesting exercise for students to think about different things and determine the text type based on the processes involved.

12 Dec 2011