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Appropriate book for teenagers

United Kingdom

Appropriate book for teenagers
Hi Folks!
A quick question regarding teaching material. I have inherited a group of troublesome teenagers (I normally teach adult groups and company classes) of mixed ability (elementary to lower intermediate in terms of speaking and listening) and so far have had two classes with them that have gone OK. However, that īs because I haven īt used the book that was assigned to them. The book in question, Grammar Time 4, is way too childish in appearance and really sets their teeth on edge if you mention it. I have to say that I agree with them and would like to find some other kind of material to use that is more appropriate to their age group (I don īt know what my boss was thinking). Any suggestions? Something that has good speaking and listening activities and role plays would be preferable. Thanks in advance.

28 Dec 2011      


I have a few suggestions:
Go for English -  Longmann - I have already used it and it worked quite well
Over to you - Longmann - I haven īt used it, but it seems interesting.
Mega - Macmillan - also targeting teens
Blueprint - Longman

28 Dec 2011     


I have one suggest for this case. it īs a quite similar with my friend problem. she told me that the way to teach elementary or childish students are with patient and try to sing a song. maybe for example you can sing a song of " little finger" or the other children songs.

28 Dec 2011     


Hi, how are you? 
Since teenagers are so difficult to please and motivate, I don īt know THE book for them. I have used English in Mind in different levels and it has not been that GREAT! If I had the chance, I would try "Success Elementary" (Longman) (this is kind of high elementary) or "New English File" (Oxford)
Have a nice day!

28 Dec 2011     

United Kingdom

Thanks for the input folks! I īll have a look at the material mentioned.Smile

28 Dec 2011     


You can also take a look at ACCESS from Express Publishing, it īs both in British version and US version. I īve used both with my teens and it has worked well, it has interesting topics, and presents topics in a friendly way....
Hope you find what you need!

29 Dec 2011