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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > fast vs quickly    

fast vs quickly


fast vs quickly


I have a doubt. Could you please help me?

I īm teaching the adverbs of manner. I īve looked all over the net and I can īt find a satisfying answer for the difference between "fast" and "quickly".

I have these two sentences:

When I run my heart beats very fast.

They īre running very quickly.


Could I say "When I run my heart beats very quickly." and "They īre running very fast."? Do you know the rule?

Thank you

14 Jan 2012      


fast = very rapid
quickly is a " softer" fast- like acting or reacting rapidly , but not lasting long

14 Jan 2012     


Here is the usage of them according to the free dictionary http://www.thefreedictionary.com/fast
Synonyms: fast1, rapid, swift, fleet2, speedy, quick, hasty, expeditious
These adjectives refer to something marked by great speed. Fast and rapid are often used interchangeably, though fast is more often applied to the person or thing in motion, and rapid, to the activity or movement involved: a fast runner; rapid strides.
Swift suggests smoothness and sureness of movement (a swift current), and fleet, lightness of movement (The cheetah is the fleetest of animals). Speedy refers to velocity (a speedy train) or to promptness or hurry (a speedy resolution to the problem). Quick most often applies to what takes little time or to what is prompt: a quick snack; your quick reaction.
Hasty implies hurried action (a hasty visit) and often a lack of care or thought (regretted the hasty decision). Expeditious suggests rapid efficiency: sent the package by the most expeditious means.

14 Jan 2012