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Hello dear collegues, I īm a bit confused about prepositions:I wonder which one to use when talking about  websites.
Should we say "I read an interesting article on  this website", or "at this site"? I guess the correct preposition for "downloading" is from, what about "uploading"? Do you upload a document on a site or to a site? Can you find information on or at your favourite website?
ON seems to be the most recurrent preposition, like in "I am on facebook", but is it always correct?

18 Jan 2012      


"I read an interesting article on this website
"downloading"  from a site
"uploading" to a site
you find information on your favourite website
or Information can be found at w.w.w. abc.......(when the address is given)
ON seems to be the most recurrent preposition, like in "I am on facebook", but is it always correct? 
Usually, but
sometimes in is used- I found it in Wikipedia - but maybe it īs because it sounds like a book. I can īt think of any other examples.

18 Jan 2012     


Thank you, Apodo, this is very helpful: I didn īt know that at was to be used when the address of the site is given, but yes now that you īve said it, it sounds obvious.

18 Jan 2012     


As Apodo is saying 100% right....... "I read an interesting article on this website
"downloading"  from a site
"uploading" to a site
you find information on your favourite website

The on word is nearly 100% used when talking about the internet 

You can also use onto  when saying something like......
I up/downloaded onto this website last week.


18 Jan 2012     


Thank you Redbull, now I believe I can fly......Wink

18 Jan 2012     

United States

Hello there!

"ON" is used most--(90%+?) of the time with electronic communication:

on the radio
on TV
on the internet
on the computer
on the phone
on speakerphone
on a homepage, internet site, etc.
on camera
caught on video

because websites are addresses, we use "at www.etc.com", just like with home or business addresses  

consider downloading like taking something (=from)
consider uploading like giving something (=to)

18 Jan 2012