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usuful phrases


usuful phrases
hi ! I am struggling to find a nice and catchy name for a poster with words/ phrases  that we come across in our coursebook. I would like to put up the poster on the classroom wall so that the kids always see it.

Looking for a catchy name for the poster:

Phrases that may come in usuful/ come in handy?

Catchy phrases?

What about nifty phrases?

Any ideas?

20 Jan 2012      


Having a watchword of the day/week could be a fun way to learn and revise words or phrases from your poster.

20 Jan 2012     

United Kingdom

Dear Jarek,
Here is a selection of suggestions --- any one of which could have a background picture.
"Master Key Phrases!" (Gold Master Key)
"A Bunch of Key Phrases!" (Bunch of Keys)
"Telling Phrases!" (Silhouette Head, Speaking)
"Hot Key Phrases!" (Computer HotKey)
"Coin a Phrase!" (Large Gold Coin)
"Wanted!  Capture a Phrase!" (Wanted Poster with Prison Bars)
"Colourful Phrases!" (A Multi-Coloured Poster)
"Handy Phrases!" (A Large Hand, Full of Slips of Paper)
"Beautifully Phrased!"  (Pretty Girl Speaking)
"Catch A Brilliant Phrase"  (Sports ´ Person Catching a Ball)
"In Praise of Phrases!"  (A Crowd Shouting ´Hurrah ´)
I hope that these ideas help to stimulate your brain cells!

20 Jan 2012     


you are a genious Les! Thank you so much!

20 Jan 2012