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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > How come viral & virile sound different?    

How come viral & virile sound different?


How come viral & virile sound different?
I ´m learning English and I ´d appreciate if somebody could shed light on this feature of the language, also I ´d be great if you had more examples of it or perhaps a link :)

21 Jan 2012      


they come from different words:
virile Latin virīlis  manly, equivalent to vir  man (akin to OldEnglish wer  man; see werewolf) + -īlis -ile
viral - virus
I remember as a student at university I used to have a class in which we studied different language laws of the development of languages and we used to trace word stems back to Sanskrit and vice versa (i. e. from Sanskrit to modern languages) following certain laws and schemes. Sometimes I was quite amazed what would turn out and how different were the meanings of those words in different languages whereas they would come from one stem. And then we had the History of English. BTW if you are interested in this subject, you would probably enjoy watching a documentary series on the history of English (I find it really interesting) 

21 Jan 2012     


Thans for the very interesting link, Sophia. 

21 Jan 2012