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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > past tense    

past tense


past tense
few verbs dont change in past tense like
shut..............do you know any more...please sent me the link if uhave any .Thanks

27 Jan 2012      

Czech Republic

The category of irregular verbs (1-1-1) - same spelling:
(beat), bet, bid, broadcast, burst, cast, cost, cut, fit, forecast, hit, hurt, knit, let, put, quit, read, rid, set, shed, spread, shut, slit, split, thrust, upset, wed, wet.

(Please note that broadcast, forecast, knit, quit, rid, wed, wet, bet can be also regular verbs. (- wetted)
Bid-bade-bidden is also correct. Beat-beat-beaten is more common.)

The most common irregular verbs with a single form:
bet, broadcast, cast, cost, cut, fit, hit, hurt, let, put, read, set, shut. - Your students should learn these verbs first...

http://www.englishpage.com/irregularverbs/irregularverbs2.html - including the rare and antiquated forms

PS: I agree with Les. Pronounciation of "read": /ri:d-red-red/.... Spend-spent-spent.

27 Jan 2012     

United Kingdom

Hello, Hema.Chandra,
"spent" is Past Simple Tense, NOT Present Simple Tense.  The three words are = "SPEND"; "spent"; "spent"
Present Simple Tense "SPEND"
Past Simple Tense "spent"
Past Participle "spent"
The verb "read" DOES CHANGE in the Past Tense.  The PRONUNCIATION changes.
The three words are =
"READ" (pronunciation "reed"); "read" (pronunciation "red"); "read" (pronunciation "red").
Present Simple Tense "READ" = pronunciation "REED"
Past Simple Tense "read" = pronunciation "RED"
Past Participle "read" = pronunciation "RED"

27 Jan 2012