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hi,I have a doubt Is it right that children call me Miss Angela? .I mean the use of Miss followed by my first name.Thanks for your help

27 Jan 2012      


I cant see any differences between first name and last name.

u can see there are even sites




27 Jan 2012     

United Kingdom

I do believe this is a standard honorific among the good ol´ boys (eg ´Miz Lillian´  – President Carter ´s late mother).

27 Jan 2012     

Czech Republic

Generally, their last name plus a form of polite address: Miss (Surname) or just Miss.
Traditionally in the UK it ´s either Mr / Mrs or Sir / Miss.
Miss / Mrs Angela might sound too "free". And it might cause problems if there are several teachers named Angela at your school...
If I were you, I would stick to the general policy of your school.
If it IS common to call teachers by their first names - Miss Angela, Mrs Andrea... then I would follow the rule...

27 Jan 2012     


In Italy, children call us "teacher", teacher Mariannina, in the Primary school and then all the other teachers in the various grades, from secondary school to University, are "professore", professor, followed by the surname.

27 Jan 2012     

manonski (f)

My students call me Miss Manon.

27 Jan 2012     


In Denmark we all called our teachers only by their first name ( Ib/ Marie/Anna Karina/Nina...
Now I teach in France : NO WAY children call me by my first name ;o)
- here it is " Mrs + surname
Guess you have to follow  the rules of the social rules where you are.
"When in Rome.... do as thr Romans"   ;o))

28 Jan 2012     

United States

As Pelletrine wrote - it is different from country to country.
You can ´t genrealize about it being right or wrong.

In the USA I never called my teacher by their first name.

28 Jan 2012     


Here in Australia, this form of address is often used by pre-school or kindergarten children. Once a child goes into Year 1 it is Miss + surname. At university and in language schools it is usually just the first name, although my students mainly call me ´teacher"
Cheers Joy

28 Jan 2012     


While I was working with a Peace Corps volunteer (from the USA) she had a hard time getting used to being called ´teacher ´. Here, in primary and secondary education it IS really common to use ´teacher ´.  
However, she said it is rude and somewhat impolite. I ´ve never felt it that way and I have always allowed my students to call me ´teacher ´. :)

28 Jan 2012     


When I grew up  in Holland we used to say ´teacher+last name ´, nowadays in Holland kids will say ´teacher+first name ´. I don ´t know what the general norm is here in Israel, but in our school pupils call us by first name only, so I ´m Marion to them.
As pointed out before, it seems to differ from place to place (and even time or kind of educational facility)..Check what the norm is in your school and -unless you have strong objections - go with that....

28 Jan 2012     

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