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ESL forum > Techniques and methods in Language Teaching > Language School in Jinhua, Zhejiang,7,500 RMB    

Language School in Jinhua, Zhejiang,7,500 RMB


Language School in Jinhua, Zhejiang,7,500 RMB


A franchised school in Jinhua, Zhejiang requires 3 expat teachers to start in the coming months to expand their current teaching team of 4 teachers. The school has over 300 students aged 4-14 and there are plans to open another branch shortly.


Located less than 3 hours from Shanghai, Jinhua is a popular teaching city for many expats each year. It’s a medium sized city home to many western stores and restaurants.


The school provides teachers with all support and training required and welcome applicants with no previous teaching experience.


Modern teaching facilities such as computers and overhead projectors are provided in every classroom ensuring teaching can make their classes as interactive as possible.



Basic overview of the position.




-          Teaching small classes of students aged 3-14 years old.

-          Teaching 24 hours per week

-          Monthly salary of 7,500 RMB (6000RMB for 2 month probation)

-          Free fully furnished private apartment

-          8,000 RMB airfare allowance upon completion

-          Visa sponsorship

-          Paid holidays

-          Overtime pay for additional class time




Requirements for this position




-          BA degree preferred but not essential

-          TEFL certificate

-          Native speaker from UK, USA or Canada only

-          Aged 25-45

-          Creative, positive and committed to working for at least 12 months.




To apply for this position, please send at least your resume, photo and degree copy using the contact details below.


Due to the high amount of applications, the school can only contact qualified candidates directly.



Thank You


The Recruit 4 China team



Email: [email protected] 

Skype: recruit4china

Office: (0086) 0518 86084352  Cell: (0086) 15150931803

Address: Office 1601, Hui Hong Building, Xugou, Lianyungang, Jiangsu, 222042




Recruit 4 China are an expat owned ESL recruitment agency offering reliable jobs in China for teachers. We ensure that when you use our services you can be assured that the job you choose is the right job for you – Completely free of charge. 

8 Mar 2012      


Dang spammers..Thumbs Down

8 Mar 2012     

United Kingdom

what about 46 and three quarters????
Not good enough to teach????

8 Mar 2012     


I think job ads that are (highly) discriminatory should be removed from ESLP.

Life does not stop at 45, it begins.

Would any of the Chinese students realise if their teacher is American or Australian or even Lithuanian? No.

What about qualified and near native speakers? Not white enough?

China is still too focused on the young white face in the classroom. A degree is not even necessary, only preferred.

And please don ´t tell me you are ageist and racist because of visa restrictions because we all know that ´s not true (well, not in the whole of China).

8 Mar 2012     


As a New Zealander living in Australia, I guess my English is not good enough for the Chinese!
My Diploma of Teaching (primary school), Bachelor of Arts, CELTA course plus post graduate Diploma of Second Language Teaching is also of no value because I come from "the wrong country".
This post is disgraceful and I wouldn ´t want to teach for such an organisation!
Phew! Thank goodness I ´m also too old!

8 Mar 2012     


I couldn ´t agree more with all the above comments..I have a BA in English Language and Literature, I ´ve been teaching for almost ten years but all schools across Europe ask for TEFL certificate.. I cannot really get it. Is four years of studies and many more years of teaching less important than a tefl certificate that someone can get even online over a weekend? And how come non native teachers are less qualified??I am really confused with some teaching requirements and if someone can explain I would be happy to know their point of view.

8 Mar 2012     


You are right Yiotoula , a well- qualified teacher who spent many years learning teaching methodology is worth less than for example a fast food restaurant worker (no offence for them anyway) with a few weeks long "qualification" if s/he is a native-speaker. Not to mention the age issue.  
but to respond to your question, I guess employers think they take less risk with a person with TEFL/Tesol etc. beacuse they know what they ´ll get. These courses offer more or less the same qualification for everyone taking part. If you receive your teaching degree in Italy, Germany ....or anywhere else it may be risky for them because it ´s difficult to figure out how you can teach or if you are fluent in English. Plus they know nothing about the standard of teacher training in other countries and that ´s where the discrimination comes from.
I might be wrong but that ´s how I see it.

8 Mar 2012     

manonski (f)

With 0 points, obviously, this person joined just for the purpose of posting these ads.

There should be a section for that on the main page. The forum should be used for other purposes.

With that said, wishing you all a great day!

8 Mar 2012     


8 Mar 2012     

United States

Please Victor, remove this post.  It doesn ´t add to ESL Printables ´ mission in any way.


Zoe Morosini

8 Mar 2012