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ESL forum > Ask for help > I couldn´t add picture to my writing on the forum.Why?    

I couldn´t add picture to my writing on the forum.Why?


I couldn´t add picture to my writing on the forum.Why?
     I tried to add some illustrations for Pinar´s birthday message but I couldn´t.How can I add?I used the insert image button,but I didn´t.Sorry Pinar.It would be more colorful but I couldn´t...

3 Jan 2009      


Hi Alime,

On the tool bar in post your reply box, click on the insert image button (3rd from left, looks like pic of a tree) then click browse, find your image and click upload and you´ll see a preview. BUT be careful of the size of the image you upload, you could start an avalanche of “LOOK ANOTHER BIG PICTURE” replies.Smile


3 Jan 2009     


Emilia, check the size of your picture. it will appear on the forum in the same size it is in your writing box. if it is too big or too small you can arrange it by moving its margins with your mouse: click on the picture and you´ll see points, click on one of them and mantain the click on the mouse while you make the picture smaller.
Hope you anderstand my explanation!!!

3 Jan 2009