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ESL forum > Ask for help > I don īt have any points....    

I don īt have any points....

deaf educator
United States

I don īt have any points....
I am a new member and I have uploaded three documents almost two weeks ago yet I still do not have any points?
Am I missing something?  Did I do something wrong?

4 Apr 2012      


I īm sure you did nothing wrong. As long as noone downloads your materials, you don īt get any points. Maybe you may upload something people may feel curious to use in class. This is just an idea. Good luck.

4 Apr 2012     

Czech Republic

I think you should try some free  Tutorials and  Templates to make new printables for your elementary kids. You may try dominoes, bingo, flashcards, memory cards, multiple choice tests with pics, matching ex (pic+voc), sentence gap-fill with pics, board games, dice, posters, bookmarks etc.
Printables with pictures are quite popular. You may upload several pages in one file.
Today īs most popular worksheets are here:
Hope you find them inspirational...
Clipart collections here:
Good luck!

4 Apr 2012     


hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!! 

the only thing you īre missing my dear friends is that in order  to get points in eslprintable it is not enough to send printables !!! your documents have to be downloaded each download stands for a point . GOOD LUCK :)

4 Apr 2012     

United States

You have 0 points? I looked at your profile and there are 5 downloads of your work. You should have 5 points. If you don īt have 5 points, email Victor. (If you have 5 points, but you already spent them, you īre out of luck until you send in more stuff.)
I think most of the subscribers are actually EFL (English as Foreign Language, students speak the same first language) teachers who teach children and teenagers. They seem to like pretty, colorful documents and presentations. As an ESL teacher of adults, my needs are a bit different, so my works don īt tend to get downloaded as much. That īs okay; I eventually got to the magical 30 points. You will too if you keep submitting.

4 Apr 2012     


I have already see your profile and you have 5 points. I am new here too!! I recomend you try to make some nice flascards or take as examples some of the uploads are in the recent contributions!! Good luck!!  Smile 

4 Apr 2012     

United States

patriciasainz, I think deafeducator should continue to submit worksheets or presentations that are useful to her and her students. Is a second grade teacher in Indonesia likely to need materials designed for deaf ESL students in the USA? Probably not. Most of my submissions aren īt generally useful, but they are useful to a few people. For others trying to teach deaf or hard of hearing students, her works may be extremely useful.
That said, I think that the suggestions of trying to make the work look nicer is extremely useful. I think using color is very helpful, even though I prefer to use worksheets that are all black and white. There are just so many to see in a day that the B&W just don īt show up very well in the previews. I do take color if I don īt plan to print on paper but only display with a projector.

4 Apr 2012     


You have 8 points already. But, as moravc said, try some templates to make your worksheets more atractive.

5 Apr 2012