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ESL forum > Ask for help > Oh dear. I am so sad.    

Oh dear. I am so sad.

Pinky Makus

Oh dear. I am so sad.
I was also very sad when I couldnīt use the site yesterday.  But I was more upset by this dumb website I found.  They are offering people usernames and passwords for this site.  Watch out for these people:

(I deleted the site that appeared here and sent a message about it to Victor.)

I donīt want to advertise their site.  But I thought you should know about it.

4 Jan 2009      


Oh my god!

And I hate this big brother thing. Confused

4 Jan 2009     


Itīs not only offensive but also tricky. This may be the reason why we see some weird things here.

4 Jan 2009     


Have you send a message to Victor about this?! I wonder if this is stopable! Hope so!

4 Jan 2009     


I cannot believe it!!! How can people do this kind of things offering users passwords from other people???? Is it our privacy in danger? How can we stop it???

4 Jan 2009     


Hi everybody,
I tried to open the web page to check what it was all about, but itīs no longer available.
I guess the site was deleted.

4 Jan 2009     


It isnīt charmed_one. it is still there.

4 Jan 2009     



Hi Pinky and all,

I had had a try at the site and as yet nobody has submitted a user name and password.

Apparently this site relies on other unscrupulous people to submit a current login name and password, then anyone wanting to logon the ESL can use that name etc. So far non members can’t login to our site.

BUT I would suggest that you remove the site name from your message, just in case there is a disgruntled member who is willing to give the information to them.

5 Jan 2009     


Hi Inma,

I had a quick look at your blogspot. WELL DONE it looks great. And the Yappr link is absolutely fantastic.. I’m definitely going to use it in my lessons. Clap

5 Jan 2009     


Iīve tried to login through using their password and account # without any succes. We shoul report this and keep an eye on that site and anyother one that might appear.
This is a real sad situation.Cry

5 Jan 2009