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friendship ideas


friendship ideas
Hi, dear colleagues!
I have to do a project with kids on the subject of friendship but my mind is absolutely blank...Wacko If you have any ideas or if you have had a similar task sometime in the past, I would really appreciate if you shared them with me.
Thanks in advance!
Hugs from Sarajevo!Hug

16 Apr 2012      


Hi! How about using some of the really catchy songs from Disney movies as a base...there are a good few of them out there....
Good luck!

16 Apr 2012     


You will find some ideas here:friendshipHug

16 Apr 2012     


I īve just posted a version of a WS I used a while back with a short text about My Best Friend. It deals with to be, to have and CAN. It īs an easy way to work on some basic grammar. All the best!

16 Apr 2012     

Mariethe House

I did a minibook on "how well do you know your best friend?" here it is .Hope itīs  useful:Smile


16 Apr 2012     


just a suggestion make each group of friends write a story ,a poem or draw a picture about what their friend love or a day in their friend live

16 Apr 2012     


which age/ability?
I had my 6th graders write acrostic poems for each other (I provided them with an extensive list of positive adjectives) It worked wonderfully and the kids were very touched by them when they got the poems on their name.

16 Apr 2012