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Question about downloads


Question about downloads
I´ve got more than 30 points, and according to the rules, I can download up to 30 files/documents per day. They must be recent contributions, but how do I know where I must choose them from? I mean, not to lose points.
Of course, if there are more documents that are not recent contributions and they depend on points, that´s ok, if they´re interesting .
But what are the recent contributions located? and where is the whole collection?
Can anyone indicate how to do it?

16 Apr 2012      

Czech Republic


It ´s very easy. Recent contributions are on the right site of the page. And you can also see this note  (As a premium member you can download this worksheet free of charge)

16 Apr 2012     

Nancy Vega
Costa Rica

guadalupesm....MJ _ Misa is totally rightSmile you can find those free contributions on the right side of your profileBig smile

16 Apr 2012     

United States

Well, not quite on the right side of your profile, but in the right hand yellow column.
To see all the recent contributions - you have to scroll down. The link is at the bottom of the column.
congrats with your 30 points!

16 Apr 2012     

Czech Republic

  This link should always show the recent (free) contributions. New contributions
They are free up to 6,00 AM Spanish time (midnight in America). They are replaced by even fresher stuff at 6,00 AM Spanish / European time.

Recent contributions

These are all the contributions that users sent yesterday. As a premium member, you can download 30 for free.
Right now, you can download
30 of these contributions free of charge

After a few downloads, you can refresh the page to see how many free downloads are left... The information will be on the top of the page.

16 Apr 2012