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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Trivia Questions about Technology    

Trivia Questions about Technology


Trivia Questions about Technology
Good morning everyone, I hope everyone is having a great weekend. Happy Holiday for my fellows from Turkey, it ´s the Children ´s Day on Monday Smile

We ´re having a "Walking Puzzle" activity with teenagers, one student will walk around with a big cardboard of questions hung onto him and ask these questions to the students. He ´ll offer candy to the ones who know the answer.

Our theme is "technology" but I ´m out of ideas. If you can help me with some interesting trivia questions, I ´d be really happy Big smile

21 Apr 2012      


How about this  http://www.sciencekids.co.nz/quizzes/technology.html?

21 Apr 2012     


Thank you :) They are a bit difficult but I can work on them :)

21 Apr 2012     

United Kingdom

Dear Ironik,
1. What does W.W.W. mean or stand for? (World Wide Web)
2. What does ISP mean?  (Internet Service Provider)
3. What does PC mean? (Personal Computer) (Program Counter)
4. Which is the biggest --- Megabyte; Terabyte; Kilobyte; Gigabyte? (Terabyte = approximately one thousand billion bytes)
5. What does DVD mean? (Digital Versatile Disc; originally Digital Video Disc)
6. What does ROM mean? (Read-Only Memory)
7. What does RAM mean? (Random Access Memory)
8. What does WYSIWYG mean? (What You See Is What You Get)
9. What computer character or what computer key is ‘Hash’ ? (= #)
10. What is the name of the computer key @ ? (@ = ‘at’; the ‘at’ sign; the ‘at’ symbol; commercial ‘at’)
11. Which of these is NOT a computer Programming Language? Ada; BASIC; C++; ESLP; LISP; PERL; PSEUDO-CODE?   (ESLP)
12. What does the abbreviation JANET stand for, in relation to computers in schools?  (Joint Academic Network)
13. With regard to a modern colour printer, what do the letters RGB mean?  (Red; Green; Blue)
14. In computing, what does LED mean?  (Light Emitting Diode)
15. What colours are represented by CMYK?  (Cyan; Magenta; Yellow; Black)
16.  What does the abbreviation “Defrag” mean?  (Defragment)
17. One of the computer keys is named “Ctrl” --- what does this mean?  (Control)
18. Turkey has the Country-Code Domain letters ‘TR’ --- which country has the Country-Code Domain letters, ‘TV’?  (Tuvalu)
19. In an electric device, is a ‘Cathode’ electrode: positively charged; negatively charged; or neutral?  (Negatively charged)
20. Alan Mathison Turing is often described as the ‘Father’ of which branch of science?  (Computing Science)

21 Apr 2012     


To add:
What does SMS mean? (short message service)
What is an android? (operating system for computer devices)
What is the short word for Internet (net)
Before digital cameras, how did people look at photos and and where did they keep their photos? (film /photographs - photo albums)
In which decade did the camera phone become extremely popular? (2000 ´s)
Name the most popular internet search engine (Google)
What is the name of the famous man who co-founded Microsoft (Bill Gates)
In regards to music, describe what you would need to listen to a record, a cassette tape, a CD and a download (record player/turntable  - cassette/tape player - CD player - MP3 player/iPod/PC)
In regards to movies, describe what you would need to watch a Super8 film, a video, a DVD, a downloaded movie (projector, VCR/video player, DVD player, PC)
What would your life be like with out the internet / a PC / a mobile phone / digital TV? (unbearable / impossible / unimaginable - lol)

21 Apr 2012     


good work..

21 Apr 2012