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What do we call it?


What do we call it?
Hi everybody,

what do we call the cup or trophy usually in sports that rotate among the winners of the competition. For example, if this team wins the sports competition, they will get the cup and return it when the next competition starts again, then the winner of the next competition will get the cup. The cup is just the same cup that rotate among the winners unless if the winner is just the same team.

22 Apr 2012      

United Kingdom

We call it cup, if it is shaped like a cup or goblet. We say trophy if it īs a different shape. You can also have a shield.

22 Apr 2012     

South Africa

We call it a floating trophy.

22 Apr 2012     


I haven īt heard of the term floating trophy, I īve only ever heard of these trophies referred to as rotating trophies, such as the Stanley Cup, European Cup, America īs Cup etc...

22 Apr 2012     

Czech Republic

It is a rotating trophy. A rotating trophy is awarded to the competition winner. The rotating trophy is maintained at the winning teams home unit for display until the next competition.

22 Apr 2012     


Thank you for the answer!!


22 Apr 2012